Moorish Masterpiece in Tuscany

Villa Di Sammezzano is an astonishing reinterpretation of Moorish architecture and interiors. Marquis Ferdinando Panciatichi acquired the castle in 1816, on the death of his maternal aunt, Fernando Ximenes d’Aragona whose titles and estate he had inherited.

Work began in 1853 and continued for more than forty years to transform the simple original building into the fabulous Moorish palace of his dreams. He drew inspiration from travel books and tourist guides, from Great Britain in particular, that were circulating around Europe at the time. The work is amazing.

This awesome Sala dei Pavoni is decorated with translucent ceramic tiles and geometric shapes in majolica.

Room of the Spanish plates takes its name from the dozens of enameled plates from the Iberian peninsula set into its ribbed ceiling.

The Dome of the White Room is covered with a complex pattern of white stucco. Below that is the Lovers’ Room.

Two-story main Entrance Hall has a gallery and open work balustrade, a multi-colored lacunar ceiling and papyrus-capital paired columns.

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