The Club Luxury Hotel in Singapore

Usually color is the aspect that accentuates certain characteristics of a place, but the following example is the supreme proof that  great design does not necessarily need color to emphasize the shape or the pattern of a place. It is The Club luxury hotel, located in Singapore, the space that makes the difference with its perfect combination of traditional and modern design.

What the designer Colin Seah of Ministry of Design succeeded to do was to capture ” a modern day nomad and the nomad of yesterday”  creating a sort of meeting point for the two sources of inspiration: the colonial past – represented especially by the statue of Raffles with the head in the clouds and the popularity of the area – a center for the Chinese immigrants.

The 22 unique rooms, the rooftop skybar and the bar on the ground floor prove a great design and  luxurious features, so stylish and so cozy at the same time, that you have the impression of finding yourself in Alice’s  Wanderland. The whiteness of the walls gives elegance to the hotel, while the floors and the bathroom walls seem to belong to a game, to another world.

The floral motifs are nice and simple, but actually they are among the key elements, just as the statue with the head in the clouds, the furniture pieces and artifacts that provide elegance and style, simplicity and luxury at the same time. It is everything you would expect from a luxury hotel with its perfectly refreshing combination of modern and traditional.

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