Peaceful and Relaxing Florida Beach House

For those who saw the movie called Something’s Gotta Give, the inspiration source for this home is obvious. Actually, the owners themselves admitted the fact that the movie definitely inspired their holiday home. Located in Grayton Beach, Florida, this beach house is one of the most relaxing and inviting ones you could find.

The owners wanted to have a retreat for the summer season and the holidays where they can go to relax, clear their heads and release some stress. Indeed, it’s a great place for such a house. The beach is close and the breeze is very relaxing. Most of the people don’t even dream to have such a place for themselves. They usually try to find a nice hotel to spend some days at but of course it doesn’t compare to a cozy home like this one.

You might never get the chance to have a similar place just for yourself, but in the meantime you can rent this one when the owners aren’t enjoying it themselves. The interior is light, clean and simple, with a combination of traditional and modern elements that complement each other. The whole house was designed and decorated in a way that would make anyone feel comfortable in there. It’s a very inviting place and I’m sure it’s very relaxing as well.{found on emeraldcoasttours}

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