ML House by Agraz Arquitectos

1 ml house by agraz arquitectos ML House by Agraz Arquitectos

ML house has been conceived as an architecture that is capable of containig and perpetuating the spirit of each member of the family; an art form that enhances the day in, day out with its singular presence and becomes the lively back-drop for the making of the personal momoire.

The project proposes the disolution between urban and residential boundaries; the street transforms into plaza and the interior becomes a garden that overlaps within the private and the public. Space configuration becomes a variable resulting from the interplay between light and shadow.

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Once the front sculpture is left behind, the entry garden appears as an overwhelming water mirror that captures surreal images of the sky and the tree branches that overflow from within the fountain.

The entry event occurs under the undulating wood ceiling that clarifies circulation around the ineterior court; natural light permeates the double hight ceiling through a wooden skylight and transforms sun rays into seasonal patterns. Natural light becomes an ornament that transforms light and shadow into an everchanging play of surface and texture.

Vertical circulation is conceived as a continuous spine that emerges from the undergroud and favours visual permeability through different levels and functions. Its architecture makes a gesture of fragile articulation that is consistent with the transparency of space and overlapping of function.

Living and dinning in the ground floor benfit from their southern orientation and make direct contact with the exterior gardens and patios; the upper level, though having interesting views towards the exteriors, makes the best profit out of the scheme by using the central court as the catalitic element that allows better independence from its urban surroundings. The family rooms in ground floor and in the upper level, stack one upon the other towards the North, in order to make a better use of light for their destined activities and also in order to conform with the volumetric intentions of the main elevation.

ML house not only gathers the effort of two architectural firms that highly apreciate the refinement of design, but also promotes the participation of artists, industrial designers and a photographer in order to transform space into an adequate scenario for the ideal way of life expected by its inhabitants.

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