Uma Chandelier by Giancarlo Tintori

Designer Giancarlo Tintori’s contemporary take on the chandelier comes in the form of a concentric cascade of methacrylate cones, «offering the same lustre and visual magnificence as its traditional forebears, and an even greater sense of allure and mystique.»

Uma chandelier

Part of a new collection from Nemo Cassina, Uma uses fluorescent light and innumerable transparent acrylic cones to create an imposing form of lighting.



Silver Light

The collection also includes Liran Levi’s playful LED Silver Light, a hanging lamp with eight asterisks.


The asterisks suggest «the delicate light of a starry sky», and hang singularly (as above) or linked together, creating constellations that may be side-by-side, crossed-over, semicircular or circular.


And, Kasper Salto & Thomas Sigsgaard’s curvilinear Wet Bell, a hanging lamp that does not hang but is instead supported by a stem that descends from the ceiling.


The elegantly flowing form of the stem outlines the shade (semi-ellipsoidal in shape, and made of turned aluminium with a sleek zapon lacquer finish) supporting it from below, and thus conferring remarkable visual lightness».



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