Aura Lamp by Océane Delain & Béatrice Durandard

From Océane Delain and Béatrice Durandard, a pendant lamp made of rattan and strips of LEDs. The lamp is a winner in the first ADREAM, a European architecture and design competition for eco and agro-materials. Aura will be exhibited for the first time at the Saint-Valentin art space in Lausanne, Switzerland from February 11th to the March 13th, 2011. 


«The AURA / Project and objects exhibition invites the visitor, first of all to discover the two ways the lamp can be used: as a wall appliance or suspended from the ceiling. The two sources of light transform the white cube into a warm space. Immersed in this atmosphere, the visitor is enveloped by the warm light and can appreciate the functional aspects of the object. One can also approach the lamps and find out how they work, noticing that the light source is not pinpoint but dispersed all around the woven rattan disc. The absence of an electric light bulb is apparent in the hollow center of the lamp. Its surface is adorned with luminous bands composed of multiple spots of light. These are light emitting diodes, very energy efficient, commonly known as ‘LEDs’.»


«By associating design and craftsmanship, the creators make AURA a rare and unique object, not amenable to industrial production. This is reminiscent of the concept theorized in 1935 by Walter Benjamin who predicted that the replication of an artistic object by technical means would entail the loss of its aura as a work of art. Océane Delain and Béatrice Durandard demonstrate that applied arts creations can perfectly well find a place in the domain of fine arts and that a blurring of the boundaries between the two can be beneficial in creative terms.»



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