сверхширокий монитор

Ostendo CRVD 43-Inch Curved Monitor

For the hardcore gamers who are flush with the cash, I present to you the Ostendo CRVD 43-inch curved monitor

Ostendo CRVD 43-Inch Curved Monitor

Ostendo CRVD 43-Inch Curved Monitor

At this time of year, particularly, there is a whole world of gadgetry vying to catch your eye and empty your pocket, some worthy and some not. At a pricey $6,499, Ostendo’s ‘world’s first curved desktop monitor’ does, I do believe, fit into the former category. This 43-inch behemoth has a 90-degree field of vision which uniquely engages the peripheral vision to give you what is, apparently, «an unmatched immersive viewing experience.» With its 2880 x 900 quad-DLP display, seamlessly curvaceous screen, compatability with existing operating systems and ability to open multiple applications at once, the CRVD claims to have the ability to up your productivity levels by 30%…or you can just put 3 together, as seen in the video below, and have the drive of your virtual life. (All work and no play an’ all that.)

GAME PITCH: being as my virtual driving’s as infinitely incompetent as my real driving (i.e. I’m not licensed to do this,) I’d like to suggest a Morgan/EA Games collaboration of a more sedate nature so that I may also get in on the triple screen action. Driving Miss Fifi; a potter about in the British country lanes featuring an appearance by the royal badassery that is Thomas’s beyond awesome dad, Cornelius. However, Driving Miss Fifi would not be without a smattering of high-octane thrills as, depending on your social leanings, you’ll have the option to knock over the odd pauper or startle the hunt horses to the ends of trampling their charge as they wimper something about affronts to their civil liberties. Interested parties may apply within.

Via: OhGizmo!

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